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Classes will end soon and we will stop post here, but you can follow us on Twitter for stay informed about our news summer projects. 

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This school year is finishing and this is our personal opinion.

We've just finished all our exams and it's time to review this subject along the school year. 
We think that this subject has been very interesting and amusing because we've learnt a lot of things about technology and we've got new programs for make our projects in the future. We've had to do a lot of interesting projects about our town that have helped us to know more about it, like our project "A trip to San Roque". 
We have learnt many things about the Olimpic Games too and we're very happy for this. We think that PI is a great subject that should last longer because is very useful for the students and it's a subject that helps us to relax at the same time that we work.
Finally we want to thank Beni, our teacher, for her patience and cooperation during the entire year.
That's all, thank you at all the people that have been following us during this school year. We hope to see you soon here again!

Yours  faithfully, "Behind the Moss Team".

Feeling in English (Magazine)

Hello followers, we're here again now that we've finished all our exams. We're going to show you our magazine on which we're been working this last two months. We hope you like it.


The sport of the orienteering in the magazine

I'm Manolo and I will do the section of orienteering.
I will explain who is the sport of orienteering and how it's practiced.
I will include photos as this one.
But you can`t say anything, it's a small advance.
See you,

We started a new project

Hi dear followers ! ! !
We write you to coment our new and latest project. All class will make a magazine where which group collaborates in differents ways.
Between all members of the group we must write about different topics, in particular we should talk about the sport of orienteering, the trip to Rome and the subject of philosophy.
Moreover, in the section of the magazine called "Vaya trío"  two members of the group, Rafa and Carlos, are interviewed.
This is all and you will see more information soon.

--Behind the Moss--

A trip to San Roque

Finally, due to technical problems, we couldn't visit Carteia and we decided to show you our town, San Roque. This is our project. Check it out and enjoy it ;)

You Make Me Feel - Videoclip

This is our project for PE. We've made ​​this video with a lot of effort and we hope you enjoy it ;)